Lee Daly

“Martin very much worked around my life schedule to help me achieve the goals I wanted. He was always available for any questions I had about the plan. Martin was got me back on track with my fitness journey in a way that was understanding when I fell off the plan, while giving guidance about how to continue and prevent it happening again.”


Ian Pyburn

“Great communicator and really friendly person! Would recommend to anyone starting off in the gym.”


Ger Collis

“Martin is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I’ve worked with. He prepares programs which are specific to your goals and he has really helped me improve my exercise technique.”


Shane O’Sullivan

“I trained with Martin for 18 months before emigrating. Very helpful, always ready with an alternate suggestion if something didn’t work. Always on flying form and a pleasure to train with.”

Eamon Laird

“Martin is a great PT. Have been with him for a good few months and can really see the benefits of increased strength in arms and legs, increased muscle and function. The plans are easy to follow and he does push you to your max!”


Brian Philbin

“I got one to one training with Martin and it was essential for my training. I had been going to the gym for years and saw little results. When I changed gym and got Martin to train me, everything changed. I saw great results from the beginning and I’m really enjoying my training and going to the gym. Martin is a great guy, very professional and genuinely interested in you getting results” 


Noel Noblett

“Martin’s a great PT. Knows when to push you that little bit extra. Have seen a definite improvement in muscle mass. Who knew there were so many muscles!?” 


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Diogo Lopez

“Martin has been coaching me for a few weeks and I’m really happy with the results so far. I consider myself an intermediate and I was feeling stuck, little results in the last couple of months. With Martin’s help I’ve been able to lift more weight every week. He also gave me the basics of good training and a number of tips, so even on the days I’m working out by myself I follow my workout program properly, don’t injure myself and substitute some exercises”.


Vincent Callan

“Martin is an Excellent Personal Trainer, I have been working with Martin for 1.5 years, he helped me improve my fitness and overall strength pre-hip replacement surgery and continues to bring new approaches and a coaching style that has resulted in consistency in my training.

My mind-set has completely changed for the better. I went from dreading training to really looking forward to it. Martin worked with me to achieve small wins and keeps building on these all the time.

His approach is getting to know you and making sure the fit is right between personal trainer and coach. He cares so much, this is the secret ingredient!! If you’re thinking about investing in Martin, don’t hesitate, just go for it. Great guy, you won’t be disappointed.” 


Anton Fedorov

“I trained with Martin for 1.5 years while I was in Dublin. He is THE most professional, attentive and caring personal trainer I’ve ever had. In addition, he is a very kind and smart guy.    Definitely recommend!”


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Garóg Holohan

“Martin’s expertise has gotten me back from injury to a healthy place, all the while with good humour and training that varies to keep things interesting. I always go in knowing the session will be productive and trust Martin to deliver!”


John Ahern

“Martin’s by far the best instructor I’ve met. Before working with him I became bored with the gym and had no targeted outcome for training. My previous experience was years of monotonous poorly supervised training with different coaches. With Martin’s infectious enthusiasm, professionalism and results driven training I’ve increased my strength and fitness, I have more energy and better quality sleep. He is a true professional who genuinely cares about you and your results. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and deserves to succeed.”


José Paulo Mercadante

“Martin is extremely pleasant to train with. I absolutely cannot recommend him highly enough!”

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