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Why Choose Martin Moylan Personal Training?

  • Accountability, motivation and support.
  • Better, quicker results versus trying to do it by yourself and failing or giving up.
  • You'll do the best exercises chosen specifically for your body and your goals.
  • Less likely to hurt yourself with expert coaching.
  • You'll gain more confidence in and out of the gym.
  • With all these things you'll actually enjoy your training.

What Former Clients Just Like You Have Said

"Martin is a highly personable and professional trainer. An absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone, especially those who are not natural gym goers. You will be put fully at ease and will see amazing progress!" - Andrea Neilan

"Trained with Martin for 1.5 years (while I was in Dublin). He is THE most professional, attentive and caring personal trainer I've ever had. In addition to this - very kind and smart guy. Definitely recommend!" - Anton Fedorov

"Martin provides an excellent, professional and informative support as a personal trainer. He tailors the programmes to meet the particular needs of the individual and has helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in the gym, which can be a daunting place for an over 50 female rookie!!! I like the fact that he sets realistic and achievable goals that make sense!!" - Sue Kane

"Martin's expertise has gotten me back from injury to a healthy place, all the while with good humour and training that varies to keep things interesting. I always go in knowing the session will be productive and trust Martin to deliver!" - Garog Holohan

"Trained with Martin for 1 year. Had the best results than I have ever had during training. Moreover it was very fun, so I always had nice mood after training as a bonus. Definitely recommend!" - Maria Fedorova

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Martin Moylan Personal Training
Martin Moylan Personal Training
Martin Moylan Personal Training